Allison Hall, future home of Menaul Historical Library


Since its founding in 1974, the library/archives has become an important repository of the history of the Presbyterian presence in the Southwest. Researchers come from all over the U.S. and from foreign countries. The holdings include: books, periodicals, photographs, pictures. artifacts, tapes/transcripts, manuscripts, memoirs, correspondence, records of organizations and other memorabilia.

  • Mission
  • To collect and preserve Presbyterian History in the Southwest
  • To make this history available to friends and researchers
  • To publish history of Presbyterians in the Southwest
  • To work with groups and agencies interested in the history of the Southwest
  • To serve as the official archives of Menaul School


Over a century ago Presbyterian Missionaries came to the Southwest from the East. Churches were organized. Presbyterian schools were started. Medical work was begun. Menaul Historical Library was established to preserve this heritage in a way that would make it available to friends and researchers. The library operates under the auspices of the Menaul School Board of Trustees, with Menaul School providing a suite of rooms in Bennett Hall, along with utilities and administrative support. Other support comes from friends and donors nationwide.

Menaul Historical Library. currently located in Bennett Hall on the campus of Menaul School in Albuquerque, NM

Sandstorms Digitized

Menaul School has digitized the yearbooks dating back to 1944. Vew them online.


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