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For 50 years, the mission of the Menaul Historical Library of the Southwest has been to secure the future and preserve the expanding collection of over 8,000 artifacts, books, and documents.

Join Us in the next phase of our mission by supporting our move to Allison Hall on the Menaul School campus.

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All former students of Menaul School are invited to help preserve the future of this important historical library. See how you can help.

Menaul Historical Library Testimonials

After 50 years, the MHL is moving to Allison Hall, which was graciously donated by Menaul School.Our rapidly expanding collection has forced the library to move to a larger building, with necessary renovation costs estimated to be 1 Million dollars.We need supporters like yourself to help us reach our goal. — Tobias Montoya

The MHL is a repository of early NM history, and may well be part of your history.The library is bursting at the seams, and the move to Allison Hall will provide the library with the space it needs. The estimated cost of one million dollars will turn the MHL into a modern library. If you can help with a donation or in-kind gift, it would be greatly appreciated. —Stann Sandoval

The MHL constantly receives donations that must be preserved, cataloged, and archived. The library has been offered a much larger space,but it is in dire need of renovation. The estimated cost is one million dollars. We have made some progress with donations, but need supporters like you to help us reach our final goal of creating a modern library, while preserving the important history of families, faith communities, and scholars in the 21st century and beyond. —Phillip Clark

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Menaul Historical Library of the Southwest

Preserving History

I’ve spent my adult life studying Padre Martinez, a Catholic priest of the 19th century who defied authority religious and civil – to start schools, defend the poor, and lead people into a modern age. He did more for the Presbyterian, Catholic, Methodist and other churches than any other human soul. Imagine my surprise in finding the Menaul Historical Library of the Southwest, and a gold mine of information on my hero!