Allison-James Picture Book- 1866 - 1959, Carolyn Atkins, ed.

A book of pictures and history of the Presbyterian school in Santa Fe, NM, 1982. 38 pages, 58 illustrations. $3.00

El Centenario de Ia Palabra: El Rito Presbyterian Church 1879 - 1979, Jane Atkins Grainger, ed.

Church and mission school of Chacon, a Spanish- speaking community in the mountains of northern New Mexico, are recalled by those who lived there in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, 1980.140 pp, 117 illustrations. $10.00

The Enchanted Dialogue of Lorna Pardo and Canada Bonita, Dora Ortiz Vasquez.

In 1926 the author began teaching in Lorna Parda near Fort Union. She tells of her experiences including an unsolved murder. 1983. 30 pages, 6 illustrations. $3.50

Enchanted Temples of Taos: My Story of Rosario, Dora Ortiz Vasquez.

The author wrote stories of the 1930s that were told to her by her mother about life in Old Taos, and by a Navajo slave who stayed with the family when freed. 1975. 84 pages, 8 illustrations. --"' $4.50

Hispanic Presbyterians in Southern California: One Hundred Years of Ministry, Jane Atkins Vasquez.

A collection of personal narratives and brief institution histories; tells about Spanish-speaking Presbyterians in Southern California from 1889 to 1989. 1988. 216 pages, 169 illustrations, 1 map. $20.00

Historians' Handbook of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.),Carolyn Atkins,ed.

A guidebook -to help historians, history committees & history buffs .. 1992. 2nd ed. 16 sections, 194 illustrtions, 4 maps. $10.00

I Walk in Beauty: Poems from Chimayo, Mary Parker & Janet Vucinich, eds.

Selected Poems, 1974- 1981, by children a( John Hyson Educational Center. 1990. 48 pages. $3.00

In the Country of Empty Crosses, The Story of a Hispano Protestant Family in Catholic New Mexico, Arturo Madrid,

217p, photographs by Miguel Gandert, Trinity University Press, San Antonio, Tx. $20.00

Los Tres Campos, The Three Fields, Carolyn Atkins, ed.,

A history of protestant evangelists and Presbyterians in Chimayo, Cordova and Truchas, New Mexico. 1978. 72 pp. 64 Illustrations, 1 map. $3.00

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in New Mexico 1867-1997, by Nona Browne,

Calligraphy- by Jimmy Ning. 10 pages, duplicated. $2.00

Presbyterian Pioneers in Utah, Paul Baird from his dissertation on "The Mystery of Ministry in the Great Basin"

Published in honor 125th Anniversary of First Presbyterian Church, Salt Lake City, 1996. 20pp $2.00

Remembering Presbyterian Mission in the Southwest, Jane Atkins Vasquez & Carolyn Atkins, eds.

Memoirs, essays, letters & photographs highlighting the people, churches, mission schools & church work of NM, AZ, CO, & UT from 1868-1998. C 1998. 130 pp, 64 photographs, 4 maps. $15.00

The Shepherd's Dog,

Ministry of George D. Peacock, a long-time Sunday School missionary in Utah & Idaho in the early 20th century, by Paul Baird from George's forty years of diaries. A story of courage, discouragement, and faithful discipleship, c1974. 145 pp. $4.00

The Skyline Synod: Presbyterianism in Colorado and Utah, Andrew E. Murray,

c1971, 154 pp, photos $2.00

The Songs of Marcelino, by Edith Agnew.

Poetic sketches written by Miss Agnew while a mission teacher in the Sangre de Cristo mountains of New Mexico in the 1920s. 1936. 1955. 31 pages. $3.50

Sowers Went Forth: Story of Presbyterian Missions in New Mexico and Southern Colorado, Ruth K. Barbar and Edith J. Agnew, eds.

1981. 171 pages, 38 illustrations, 9 maps. $20.00

Time of Trouble, Time of Triumph: A Centennial History of First Presbyterian Church, Socorro, NM (1880-1980), by John DeWitt McKee,

c1984, 211 pages, 56 illustrations, maps. $8.00

Where the Cranes Fly: The Adventures of Edith F. Millican, M.D. in China, 1943-1948.

A medical adventure under the Presbyterian Church in war-torn China. Carolyn Atkins & Betty A. Isbister, eds. 1987. 108 pages, 36 illustrations, 7 maps. $5.00

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