Securing the Library's Future

Preserving History in Allison Hall

For the faithful and the curious, students and teachers, those with need or desire to know, the Menaul Historical Library matters! Our story, how we became, is in the library’s safekeeping.

But the Library has to move after a dangerous water leak and lack of usable space. Menaul School has graciously given the use of a building on campus, Allison Hall, and it can be made to be near-perfect.

"Preserving these documents, archives, and artifacts is going to take money, as all things do. Maybe a million dollars. You can help us get there and maybe some day our children’s, children’s children will find our names and our stories in those archives and be thankful!" — Shannon Webster, Preserving History Fund Chair

For 50 years, the mission of the Menaul Historical Library of the Southwest has been to secure the future and preserve the expanding collection of over 8,000 artifacts, books, and documents. In the near future, the Historical Library will be moving to Allison Hall on the Menaul School campus.
In order to protect the collection and implement best practices for archival storage and preservation, Allison Hall must undergo necessary and extensive renovations. The estimated cost of renovations will be one million dollars. The most urgent renovation needs include a new roof, a new HVAC system, an upgraded electrical system, and new windows and doors though out the building.

This is a major undertaking and can not move forward without considerable help from donors. Please help secure the future of the Menaul Historical Library of the Southwest.