The Gift of History

By Rev. J. Shannon Webster12-1-23 A few words in defense of gifting:  The Christmas season, in many cultures, involves gifting.  Some object to that, holding that it commercializes and detracts from the spiritual meaning of the season.  Early Puritans so strongly loathed the practice of gift-giving that they  outlawed it. (Good luck with that!) On…

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Taking Definite Steps

Given that the Menaul Historical Library has been planning for several years  to secure a better location for the library; it would be an understatement to express the excitement taking place at the library these days. This is due to the many levels of progress that is taking place in regard to the relocation of…

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KRQE Interview


Menaul Historical Library of the Southwest is moving to a new location but it will cost them $1million (

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